Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Naughty Schoolgirl

Eleanor Powell

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Christina Carter and Cecil B
Approximate Running Time: 25.17 minutes

She’s in her room – playing with herself. When she hears the sound of her stepfather’s key in the lock, she guiltily pulls up her knickers, pulls down her skirt and buttons up her blouse. Little Miss Innocent, nobody would know what she’d just been up to.

Playing with herself

As her stepfather enters the house, he picks up the post and carries it through to the lounge. One of the letters worries him, so he calls his stepdaughter to come downstairs.

Nonchalantly she saunters into the lounge. Immediately, he waves the letter under her nose. Not for the first time she has been disruptive in class and very rude to the teachers.

Her stepdad has had enough of her nonsense. He tells her he’s going to punish her.

She argues that as she has turned eighteen she can do or say whatever she wants. He tells her that as long as she is living under his roof, eating the food he provides, she will obey his rules.

The spanking begins

Dragging her over his knee, he starts spanking her on top of her skirt. She squeals and struggles but is unable to escape.

Much to her embarrassment he pulls down her knickers and continues spanking her on her bare bottom.

Her poor never before spanked bottom soon changes from a smooth creamy white to a very red, very sore looking backside.

He leaves the room to go and get something from the other room. While he’s away the naughty girl doth play – with herself.

Coming back he is disgusted with her.

So the spanking continues with her again over his knee. Only now he uses various implements on her already sore bottom.

He orders her to go to her room and wait for him there.

She plays with herself again

To while away the time, she lies on her back on the bed, knees up and knickers down, once again playing with herself.

This time when he catches her at it, he decides to give her a helping hand.

What is he to do with her?

Why not watch the movie to see what happens next.

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