Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Naughty Mia

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring: Mia Moon and Vinnie Spit
Approximate Running Time: 36.13 minutes

Mia and Vinnie are on holiday in LA.

She is keen to have a tattoo but he is adamant that she must not have one. So there is a clash of wills.

However, she decides she wants to go out exploring and he agrees – he just tells her he’s hungry and she should bring some food back with her.

Five hours later, she isn’t back and his stomach thinks his throat has been cut. And a hungry man is an angry man.

It's time to teach her a lesson

When she does finally get back to their hotel room, he wants to know where she’s been for all that time. She won’t give him a straight answer.

He puts implements to good use

She went out with $1 500 and she tells him that she lost it somehow. She also admits that before she lost the money, she defied him and had a tattoo.

Spanked in her new outfit

He’s had enough of her irresponsible behaviour and pulls her over his knee for a long hard spanking.

Even though her bottom is becoming a deeper red with each spank on her bare bottom, she still gives him a lot of cheek and backchat.

He spanks her with his hand, a paddle, hairbrush and a belt.

By the time he has been spanking her for over half an hour, she has a very sore bottom and is sorry for what she has done.

Is he making an impression on her?

So they kiss and make up – with her promising to behave in future.

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