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Mrs. Geist’s Class

Video: Mrs. Geist's Class
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Studio: Mood Pictures
This movie is the second part in the Love trilogy. The girls in the class form two groups. Sandy has a close relationship with Mrs. Geist, but she is caught cheating during the exam. They act like lovers when Sandy tries to show Mrs. Geist that Sandy knew all the questions.
Innocent Andie receives hard punishment for her attempt by a big paddle. Andie and her friends want to take revenge, so they blackmail the rival group because they caught them smoking in the cellar. 5 strokes from each girl by a paddle make their butts painfully red. Fragile Sandy receives 50 very hard full body strokes of the belt... But it came to Mrs. Geist's knowledge and she uses her cane to show who the real boss in the class is...

Stars: Mercedes, Pokemon, Patsy Passion, Angie Vicious, Mary Runner

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