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Mood Castings – Svetlana

Video: Mood Castings - Svetlana
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Studio: Mood Castings
In a brief interview with Betty, Svetlana says she has done a casting like this before and withstood about 25 cane strokes...only half of what she has in store today! To test Svetlana's acting abilities, Betty sets up a short scene. She is secretly smoking but is caught red-handed...but will soon find herself red-rear ended! Betty tells her to undress and bend over the couch so she can receive a brutal corporal punishment. She whacks her bare ass with a bamboo stick, causing bright red welts. She cries out and whimpers in pain with each stroke! Will Betty be able to withstand all 50 hits to pass this Mood Casting?

Stars: Svetlana, Betty

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