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Mood Castings – Susana Hertig

Video: Mood Castings - Susana Hertig
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Studio: Mood Castings
In this Mood Casting session, Angie Vicious sits down with Susana Hertig and discusses her sexual experience and fantasies. Soon, the pleasant interview takes a vicious turn when Angie tells Susana to undress and grabs a long ivory stick. Like a narwhal tusk, it's strong and sturdy, containing mysterious powers that force whoever it touches into submission. Angie whacks it against Susana's bare ass, creating red and raw welt marks on her tender flesh. Susana winces and cries out in pain each time the tool meets her bottom, but she is determined to withstand the 50 prescribed strokes.

Stars: Susana Hertig, Angie Vicious

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