Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Mood Castings – Roxana Turner


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mood Castings
Starring: Jessica Lee and Roxana Turner
Approximate Running Time: 10.55 minutes

Roxana’s friend was very excited when she told Roxana about her hopes and ambition to be a movie star.

She’d just come back from a casting for a part in a spanking movie. She had received fifty strokes of the cane on her bare bottom and having taken the caning well – was now in with a good chance of being offered the juicy part.

Roxana Meets Jessica Lee

This made Roxana think. She was usually game for anything, so if her friend could take it so could she.

She turns up for an interview with Jessica Lee.

Jessica asks her a lot of questions about her experience regarding spankings and canings. She admits honestly that she had very little apart from a few playful taps while sexually aroused.

The Caning Starts

However, when Jessica asks her to strip and just leave her boots on – she does so without hesitation.

She is told to kneel on a chair, sticking her bottom out in order to receive the cane.

She Screams after each stroke

After each stroke of the cane, she screams and comes out of position.

Despite being in terrible pain and her previously unblemished bottom is a mass of welts and bruises she stoically sticks it out for the whole fifty strokes.

She has received fifty strokes

Jessica then tells her that there could be a part for her in their next production. But only if she could stay in position with her bottom stuck out waiting for the cane.

Will she be able to get it right in future?

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