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Mood Castings – Margaret Blond

Video: Mood Castings - Margaret Blond
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Studio: Mood Castings
In this Mood Casting session, Margaret Blond sits down with Angie Vicious for a brief interview before the caning begins. She is saving money to buy a car and is willing to endure a brutal beating of 50 cane strokes in order to earn some cash. She is young and full of adventure, so feels ready to take on the spanking. After stripping down to reveal a gorgeous body, she kneels over a chair. Angie takes out a bamboo stick and begins whacking Margaret's bare ass. Her flesh is tender, and she gets bright red lines across her butt. She winces in pain, but courageously endures the beating!

Stars: Angie Vicious, Maragret Blond

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