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Mood Castings – Helena Minardi

Video: Mood Castings - Helena Minardi
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Studio: Mood Castings
Helena Minardi is a bashful brunette who will have to submit to Angie Vicious in this Mood Casting session. In her interview with Angie, Helena admits to being very sheltered, and not ever experimenting with such S&M games before. In fact, she had not even heard of this sort of thing. Well, today she will have her mind opened to the world of submission and spanking. Perhaps she will even find pleasure in it when Angie’s cane wails down on her tender ass cheeks! Helena strips down, leaving her black stockings and boots, and bends over a chair. As her mistress continues spanking her ass raw, Helena’s screams are mixed with pain and torment…but we suspect some moans of pleasure in there as well!

Stars: Angie Vicious, Helena Minardi

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