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Mood Castings – Felicia Lavonda

Video: Mood Castings - Felicia Lavonda
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Studio: Mood Castings
Felicia Lavonda has attended this Mood Casting session because she is open-minded and looking for an “easy way to make cash.” Well, little does she know, what Angie Vicious has in store is anything but easy. During her interview, Felicia tells that she is bisexual and in a steady relationship with a woman, and reveals her fantasy to have a threesome. Felicia then undresses and leans over the interview chair. She is subjected to cane strokes from Angie, who spanks her hard on her bare ass. Felicia winces in pain with each smack of the stick on her rump, and her tender flesh turns bright red and purple from the beating.

Stars: Angie Vicious, Felicia Lavonda

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