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Mood Castings – Cristina Reed

Video: Mood Castings - Cristina Reed
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Studio: Mood Castings
Beautiful blonde Cristina Reed may look sweet and innocent, but she is about to get corrupted by Jessica Lee in this Mood Casting session. Jessica Lee plays Kyra, the interviewer who sets up a scenario to test out Cristina's acting abilities. Cristina is working in a bar and can't seem to please her nasty, dominating boss. There's no such thing as an egalitarian workplace when Kyra is involved, and she humiliates and taunts her employees. Kyra forces Cristina to bend over the bar and stick her round ass in the air. She administers a brutal beating, spanking her relentlessly with a bamboo stick. It stings and burns on her bare butt, leaving red welt marks across both tender cheeks.

Stars: Jessica Lee, Cristina Reed

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