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Mood Castings – Vanessa Gold

Video: Mood Castings - Vanessa Gold
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Studio: Mood Castings
Vanessa Gold is 21 years old, spunky, and has an amazing body. In this Mood Casting session, she sits down for a brief interview with Kyra, played by Jessica Lee. She discusses her sexual fantasies, and how she masturbates thinking about a threesome and sucking off two men at once. Although we loved listening to Vanessa talk about her sexual adventures, we loved even more when she stopped talking and stripped off her clothes, leaving only her boots. She leans over a wooden bondage device so her bare ass is totally exposed for a beating. At first, Vanessa has an attitude, cursing Kyra for hitting her. But as the spanking continues, she becomes meeker and cries and sobs in pain.

Stars: Jessica Lee, Vanessa Gold

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