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Mood Castings – Jenny Ferbat

Video: Mood Castings - Jenny Ferbat
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Studio: Mood Castings
Jenny Ferbat has short blonde hair and glasses, big natural tits, and a curiosity for S&M. In an interview with Kyra, played by Jessica Lee, she says that she has played with spanking in the bedroom before, but she was the one who administered the beating. Today, the tables will turn, and Jenny will be on the receiving end of a spanking. After her interview with Kyra, Jenny strips down and bends over the couch on set. With her ass in the air, Jenny receives a brutal spanking from Kyra’s stick. Whack after whack, scream after scream, the punishment continues. Will Jenny have the strength to endure all 50 strokes?

Stars: Jessica Lee, Jenny Ferbat

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