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Mood Castings – Jennifer Kann

Video: Mood Castings - Jennifer Kann
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Studio: Mood Castings
Jennifer Kann is a spunky girl, and we’re excited to see her endure this Mood Casting session. In her interview with Kyra, played by Jessica Lee, Jennifer admits to playing with bondage and spanking in the bedroom. She says, however, that she prefers to be the administrator of pain and does not always prefer to be on the receiving end. Today, she must endure 50 cane strokes from Kyra. After a sexy interview discussing sexual preferences and fantasies, Jennifer is ready to strip down and be spanked. She bends over a chair as Kyra raises the stick and smacks it onto her ass. Sticking her ass out further, Jennifer seems to be enjoying the pain, but she still screams with each stroke. Listen to her wail in agony, watch her squirm in pain, and see her tender ass flesh turn bright red and purple as it covers in welts from the caning.

Stars: Jennifer Kann, Jessica Lee

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