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Mood Castings – Janet Button

Video: Mood Castings - Janet Button
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Studio: Mood Castings
Janet Button is a somewhat shy brunette with perky tits and a pretty smile. She sits down today with Jessica Lee, who plays Kyra the interviewer and caning administrator. Janet confesses that she has a low tolerance for pain, and has never experimented with S&M in her personal life. She avoids taboo sex, and does not participate in naughty things like spanking in the bedroom. After their interview, Janet strips down and bends over a bondage device on set. She must endure 50 cane strokes to pass this casting test. Kyra smacks the stick against Janet’s bare bottom, and she cringes in pain. Will she be able to endure all 50 lashings, or will the pain become too much for Janet to tolerate?

Stars: Janet Button, Jessica Lee

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