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Mood Castings – Grechen Bekker

Video: Mood Castings - Grechen Bekker
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Studio: Mood Castings
Grechen Bekker is looking for extra money to buy lovely Christmas gifts for family and friends. Aww…isn’t that sweet? Wonder what her dear old mom would think if she knew she got the money from a Mood Casting session. In this audition, Grechen sits down for a brief interview with Angie Vicious. She confesses to experimenting a bit with S&M and spanking, but she has never done anything this hardcore. Finally – the good stuff! – she Grechen strips down and bends over for her spanking. Angie brutally whips her bare ass with a stick, leaving welts and a crying victim.

Stars: Angie Vicious, Grechen Bekker

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