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Mood Castings – Christina

Video: Mood Castings - Christina
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Studio: Mood Castings
Christina has taken part in a Mood Casting before, and was able to withstand all 50 strokes. Today, she is back for more pain and punishment - she says for the money, but the glint in her eye when she gets undressed for her spanking makes us think she likes the pain, too! After a brief interview and test of her acting skills with Kyra, played by the beautiful but brutal Jessica Lee, Christina is ready for a beating. Kyra whips her ass endlessly with a stick. She quivers and cries out in pain, but her moans may even be some of pleasure. Then she switches positions, laying on her back with her legs in the air. Finally, she stands and bends over and gets even more lashes. Christina describes the pain as "bearable," but Kyra does not let up!

Stars: Jessica Lee, Christina

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