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Mistaken Punishment

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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Hodges, the geography teacher, is confronted in her quarters by one of her students, Catelin, a pudgy little blonde, who explains that Mr. Hodges, the janitor and her husband, has been trying to sexually molest her.

Outraged at this suggestion, Mrs. Hodges believes that Catelin is, in fact, trying to bribe her, since she is aware of their recent lottery win. Her story is hastily ignored and her skirt is pulled up for an over-the-knee spanking upon her navy blue knickers. This is, in turn, followed by a bare-bottomed spanking.

During this punishment, the headmistress, Lady Vernon enters and calls for all punishment to cease until they get Mr. Hodges' side of the story. Catelin is furious and spurts out that Lady Vernon is obviously on medication! Lady Vernon swiftly canes her bare bottom for this disgusting insult!

Mrs. Hodges returns in a state of distress because she finds out that her husband has indeed been molesting the girls! Lady Vernon has only one solution. The geography teacher will have to be bent over for a severe caning to compensate Catelin for her punishment!

Stars: Catelin, Lady Vernon

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