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Video: Misbehavior
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Studio: Red Stripes
Jennings and Gregory, are waiting to see Mr. Thompson, the head master. Jennings is a new girl at St Stripe's. Whereas Gregory has been to see Mr. Thompson on many occasions. Jennings is called first, she is very nervous. She has been caught playing truant, lied about it and must be punished. With a minimum of preamble, she is put over Mr. Thompson's knees for a very hard spanking, first over her navy blue knickers, and then on her bare bottom. She is soon sobbing but this being St. Stripe her punishment is nowhere near over. She is instructed to stand in the corner, her skirt tucked up, her knickers donw, and her hands on her head. In this undignified position, Mr. Thompson continues to spank her. When she thinks she can take no more, she is told to bend over a high stool where she is given thirty six strokes with a leather strap.........

Stars: Gregory, Mr. Thompson, Jennings

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