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The story so far ……

Merrilee has responded to an ad in the newspaper; – a secretary is needed by a very busy man in the North Pole.

Pete her husband protests and wonders what he’s going to do with himself while she’s gone.

Her reply is cheeky and provocative, so he puts her over his knee. Then pulling down her knickers to mid thigh, he turns her smooth creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red.

She swears at him and when he threatens her with the belt, she swears at him again.

So he uses his belt to make her already sore bottom even sorer.

Then he stops spanking her and says, what he’s going to do next to her and that she’s going to hate it, but she needs it.

What is he going to do?

Now read on ……

Tossing the belt aside, he began to lightly run his right hand over her red, hot cheeks, rubbing and gently pinching them. As he caressed them, his finger was gradually moving down the crack between her bottom cheeks, teasing her by almost entering her steaming slit, then pulling away again. Each time, she gasped in disappointment. As she wriggled over his knee, she could feel his cock sticking into her side. ‘The more I wriggle about, the more excited he gets,’ she thought. So, she wriggled even more.

Her clit was throbbing, her legs had parted of their own accord and her juices were flowing freely, soaking Pete’s trousers.

His wandering finger entered her hot swollen pussy. He gently strummed her clit, causing it to throb even more. Then, while his right hand middle finger played with her clit, his left hand middle digit began to slowly and gently move into her passage of love. Her vaginal walls, dilated and he was able to push his finger ever deeper inside her. The more she bucked over his knee, the deeper his finger went and he kept strumming on her clit.

‘I’m coming,’ she gasped. ‘I’m coming,’ and she came – shuddering and shaking over his knee.

He withdrew his fingers and let her lie there over his knee until she went limp.

‘Thank you darling,’ she said.

‘A pleasure my sweet,’ he answered. ‘Now, I’m feeling a bit left out.’

Merrilee clambered off his knee. Dropping to her knees, between his legs; with practiced fingers she unzipped his trousers and released his pulsing cock from its confines. It stood straight out from his flat tummy.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she took his purple helmet into it and began sucking on her lollipop. His cock swelled even more in her hot little mouth. He was moaning and his toes stiffened sticking up at right angles to his feet. She noted this; it was always a give away sign that he was about to come. He removed his cock from her mouth, bent her over the back of the chair he had just vacated and came over her hot bottom.

A week later, the letter arrived from the North Pole. Enclosed was a return flight ticket.

Pete took Merrilee to the airport.

‘So darling, I’ll be back in two days. Take care,’ she said.

‘Bye my sweet, try to keep out of trouble,’ Pete kissed the tip of her upturned nose.

Merrilee went through the Boarding Gate at Personchester International Airport, leaving her husband standing alone, waving her off.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ the Captain came on the loudspeaker. ‘We will be arriving at the North Pole in fifteen minutes. The ground temperature is 20 degrees below freezing, so make sure you are well wrapped up.’

‘Hope you’ve got your fur lined knickers on my dear.’ Merrilee turned to the man sitting next to her. She noted his round jolly face; a thick white beard covered the lower part.

She smiled at him, ‘Sure sounds very cold down there.’

‘Oh it is, I’ve lived there for years. I’m used to it now.’

‘I won’t be here for long,’ she said. ‘I’m here for a job interview.’

‘What kind of job can that be, in this frozen land?’

‘I saw this ad in our local newspaper,’ she explained. ‘This man wants a secretary temporarily.’

‘Isn’t it a bit far to come just for an interview?’

She laughed. ‘I don’t know why, but I just felt drawn towards him. Do you think that’s daft?’

‘No my dear, I don’t think it’s daft. Sometimes when we get these impulses, it’s best to follow them.’ He smiled at her kindly. ‘You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s always best to follow your feelings, then you won’t have any regrets.’

‘I’m a bit nervous of meeting him,’ she felt herself blushing, as the friendly man looked her up and down.

‘You have nothing to worry about my dear, I’m sure your interview will go very well.’

‘Thanks,’ she said. ‘Oh! We’ve landed, bye take care.’ Standing up, she gathered her hand luggage and joined the queue of people getting off the plane.

Merrilee heard the jangling of sleigh bells. Looking around her, she saw a row of sleighs waiting. ‘Wow!’ she thought, they have sleighs here instead of taxis.’ She joined the queue waiting at the sleigh rank. The queue snaked round. However, the sleighs were coming every two minutes, so it wasn’t long before it was her turn.

She settled herself on the sleigh, the driver stowed her luggage in the boot of the sleigh, tucked a blanket around her and they were off to the address she had shown him.

Merrilee felt warm and comfortable, so she drifted off to sleep. The driver wakened her. ‘We’re here my dear.’

For a moment, she looked around her in bewilderment. She saw a large house, looking very like pictures she had seen of Swiss Chalets. The snow covering the ground, window ledges and roof – was white and not trodden on. There was a big red chimney with thick white smoke billowing from it. The front door was wide open and welcoming. The sleigh driver, brought her luggage and urged her to go into the house, he followed with her cases.

Excuse me,’ he said, disappearing into a room on the left.

‘Hello my dear, did you have a pleasant journey?’

Merrilee jumped. She took in this big jolly man wearing a Father Christmas suit. His cheeks and chin covered with a pure white beard and moustache. ‘Are you Father Christmas?’ she asked.

‘I am my dear,’

‘Weren’t you the man sat next to me on the plane?’

‘That’s right my dear,’ he boomed. ‘And the sleigh driver.’

‘But how do you get to be in so many places at once?’ she asked.

‘I’m able to do magic,’ he said. ‘Come on, I’ll show you to your room.’
He lead the way, down a passage, ‘There’s the bathroom on your right,’ he pointed out.

‘Here’s your room, I hope you like it.’ Opening the door, he held it open, beckoning her to enter. She laughed to herself, as she had to turn sideways because his big round tummy almost filled the doorway.

The room was beautiful. There was a four-poster bed, an enormous wardrobe with a matching chest of drawers and chintzy curtains at the window. She was amazed to see a large radiator running the length of one wall, so they had central heating in the North Pole.

‘Your luggage will be here in a moment,’ he clicked his fingers. She could only stand there with her mouth wide open – as her luggage came shuffling into the room.

‘Don’t be afraid my dear,’ he said kindly. ‘I did say I was magic.’

‘Yes, but …’

‘You’ll get used to it. I’ll leave you now to settle in. We eat at 6.00 prompt, then after the meal, we’ll have a little chat.’

He left her standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by her cases.

When she entered the dining room at ten past six, the meal was already on the table. ‘You’re ten minutes late my dear,’ Father Christmas frowned at her. ‘That’s a spankable offence.’

She laughed.

Was he really going to spank her?

Be Sure to Come Back and Read Part Three

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