Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



The story so far ……

 Merrilee as Father Christmas’s Secretary, did everything she could to make sure all went smoothly so that children all over the world would receive the toys they had asked for.

When Father Christmas had left to make his deliveries, Merrilee and Pete were alone for the first time in two weeks. So Pete gave her the spanking she craved for.

Now read on ……

 It was getting light; Merrilee and Pete were awakened by the sound of sleigh bells. Then there was a loud crash as the front door was roughly pushed open.

‘Merrilee, where are you?’ boomed Father Christmas.

She hastily threw on some clothes. ‘What is it Father Christmas?’ she asked, rushing out of the bedroom.

‘What is it, what is it?’ Father Christmas’s face matched his suit. ‘There are millions of children, all over the world, breaking their hearts crying this morning, because they haven’t received any presents.’

‘Shame,’ she said. ‘But, what’s it got to do with me?’

‘One of my elves found thousands of sacks of unopened letters down in the cellar. No wonder you got through the piles so quickly.’

‘No, no, I didn’t throw any letters away,’ she protested. ‘Honestly.’

”Well, they didn’t get down in the cellar on their own, did they?’

Giving her no chance to protest her innocence – he had caught hold of her left arm and dragging her over to the couch, he sat down on it, hauling her over his knee. Flipping up her pleated mini skirt, he pulled her flimsy knickers down to her ankles. Her smooth creamy white bottom was quickly turned into a blazing hot area.

As his hand came down on her upturned bottom, Father Christmas was shouting at her.

‘How dared you be so selfish and lazy – you obviously gave no thought to the girls and boys all over the world who have not received any presents.’

‘Please Father Christmas, stop, I swear I didn’t throw away any sacks of letters.’

‘Well somebody did and there was only you and me and I certainly didn’t.’

Pete had heard the commotion and he too came out of the bedroom to find the cause of it.

Seeing his wife lying over Father Christmas’s knee, he demanded to know from Father Christmas why he was spanking her.

Still carrying on with the spanking, Father Christmas explained to Pete what had happened.

‘Merrilee I’m so disappointed in you,’ Pete was taking Father Christmas’s word for it that his wife was guilty as charged.

‘If you’re tired Father Christmas, I’ll take over for a while.’ Pete volunteered.

‘Thanks Pete, I’ll be glad of the help.’

So Merrilee found herself being passed from Father Christmas’s knee to Pete’s.


Then the lounge door was flung open and a very excited elf came into the room.

‘Father Christmas, Father Christmas,’ he had problems getting the words out,

‘What is it Cedric?’ Father Christmas asked him impatiently.

‘We have found a letter addressed to you.’ He handed the letter to Father Christmas, who tore it open.

Now it was his turn to have difficulty getting out the words.

‘Who is the letter from?’


 To be continued in Part Seven








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