Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



The story so far ……

 Merrilee was being spanked by Father Christmas for supposedly throwing away sacks of letters from children all over the world. Despite her protests of innocence, the evidence was piled against her – so Father Christmas believed she was lazy.

Cedric one of the elves who helped Father Christmas had brought a letter to him. He opened it and then it was his turn to be speechless.

 Who was the letter from?

 Now read on ……

Merrilee was still draped over Father Christmas’s knee, although he had stopped spanking her while he read the letter. Now he was rubbing her poor red bottom, while apologising to her.

‘Merrilee, I’m so sorry, I should have believed you.’

He helped her to her feet.

She stood in front of him rubbing vigorously at her burning bottom, while her knickers were still pooled around her ankles. Then she pulled them up.

‘Please may I see the letter Father Christmas,’ she asked, holding out her hand.

He handed it to her, looking shamefaced.  ‘Read it aloud Merrilee.’


‘Dear Nicholas,

I’m sorry, but I have met someone else, so I am leaving you. Please can I have a divorce as I can’t see our marriage lasting and Lucifer loves me and pays attention to me, which is more than you have done for the past million years.



Merrilee looked at Father Christmas and was shocked to see tears running down his cheeks.

‘Oh Father Christmas, I’m so sorry,’ she said, putting her arms around him and kissing his wet cheek.

‘Thank you Merrilee for being so understanding,’ he said absentmindedly patting her bottom.

‘Can I see those sacks of letters?’ she asked.

Pete who had been stood there watching and listening, said, ‘I would like to see them too.’

So Father Christmas, Merrilee and Pete went down to the cellar. There were stacks of sacks piled up from the floor to the ceiling.

‘Let’s open some,’ she suggested.

The first letter she opened was from Rachel an eight-year old girl wanting a doll.  The next letter was from George, he was also eight, and he wanted a Chemistry Set.

Look Father Christmas, look at the date on the envelopes – 1898.’

‘Hmmm, that’s strange, let’s open another sack.’  He chose one at random. The letters in this sack were dated 1910.

A further sack they opened – the letters were dated 1985. Opening a letter at random, she saw it was from a boy called Pete, he was five years old, and he wanted a fire engine.

‘Look Father Christmas,’ she said excitedly. ‘Do you remember I told you how Pete didn’t believe in you. This must be the letter he sent to you.’

‘Merrilee my dear, please forgive me. I was blaming you, but it must have been Mother Christmas, all these years, he said. ‘No wonder she always got through the piles so quickly.’

‘Let’s find the letters dated 2010,’ she said. ‘Maybe you can go out again and deliver the toys. It’s not too late is it?’

‘No, it’s not too late, some parts of the world are just going to bed.’

‘I’ll help you look,’ she offered.

‘I will too,’ Pete said.

It took the three of them an hour and a half, to find one of the missing sacks from amongst the thousands discarded in the cellar.

Once all was sorted and Father Christmas was ready to go off again delivering presents, he said, ‘Pete, I’m so sorry you didn’t get your fire engine, it’s just I never got your letter, thanks to Mother Christmas.’

‘Poor Pete,’ Merrilee broke in. ‘You were the little boy Santa Claus forgot.’

‘I’ve learned a lesson,’ he said. ‘I don’t want you to accuse me of neglecting you, so come here little lady, you’re in need of a spanking.’

Giggling Merrilee ran out of his reach, but he took a couple of strides and caught up with her.

Sitting down on a chair, he pulled her over his knee, flipping up her short mini skirt, he deftly pulled down her knickers and proceeded to spank her, rapidly turning her bottom once again into a blazing inferno













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