Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



The story so far ……

Merrilee had had a hard and painful spanking from her husband Pete.

Later when Father Christmas finds her pleasuring herself, he tells her she has received a punishment spanking, so getting pleasure from it was not on.

After giving him some cheek, he puts her over his knee for another painful spanking.

Next morning, when she was too early for breakfast, she was informed that she’d be getting another spanking.

Because she is stubbornly refusing to go over Father Christmas’s knee, he uses his broad leather belt on her already sore red bottom. Then still being cheeky, she earns herself an additional twenty strokes of the belt.

Now she is to report to his study for an interview.

Telling herself she mustn’t be late again. She tidies herself up with a mischievous smile hovering at the corners of her mouth.

Now read on ……

Forty minutes later she knocks on the study door, ‘Come in.’ he shouted. ‘Hello Merrilee, glad you could make it.’ Father Christmas glanced at his watch as she entered. ‘You are trying my patience my dear, you’re ten minutes late.’

‘So, what’s the rush?’ she asked.

‘It’s nothing to do with being in a rush, although we are a bit behind schedule,’ he explained. ‘No, it’s darned bad manners on your part,’
He went on, ‘but don’t worry, I’m not going to spank you this time.’

Her disappointment must have shown on her face, because he laughed. ‘Seems my dear, being spanked is pleasure for you, not punishment. Now, let’s get on with the interview.’

She pouted her bottom lip, but sat quietly waiting for the interview to start.

‘Thank you my dear for applying for the job,’

‘You’re welcome,’ she said, which was a bit difficult – with her bottom lip still being stuck out.

‘What I was looking for was somebody who can read and reply to letters.’

‘I’m a qualified secretary,’ she reminded him.

‘Yes, I know, you told me that when you applied for the job,’ he glanced down at the letter in front of him. ‘In fact, you are over qualified. You’ll be handwriting the letters, each letter will need an individual reply, depending on what is said in the letter.’

‘How many letters?’ she asked.

‘Never counted them, probably in the billions.

‘Billions,’ she echoed.

‘Mother Christmas, managed to get through them in no time at all.’

‘Why isn’t she doing them this year?’

‘She left me two months ago. She said she was fed up with the cold.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that, were you married long?’

‘Yes, our millionth anniversary was coming up next March.’

‘Awww shame.’ She said sympathetically. ‘But if I have to handwrite all those letters, I’ll never be able to get through them.’

‘I know, you’re right.’ He gave a big sigh. Do you know how to use a photocopier?’

‘Yes, yes of course, why?’

‘You just have to write the one letter and copy the rest,’ he said triumphantly.

‘But, you said they needed individual replies.’

‘I did, but until you get the hang of it, maybe I need to lower my standards a bit.’

‘Who are these letters from,’ she asked.

‘Children of all ages, anyone who believes in me.’

‘Pete my husband doesn’t believe in you.’

‘How do you know?’ he asked.

‘He once told me, that when he was five he sent you a letter, and he never did get the fire engine he’d asked for.’

‘Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that,’ he said. ‘Can’t imagine what happened there, anyway, let’s get on with the interview.’

‘Okay, you also mentioned in your advert, about filing,’ she said.

‘Yes, that is very important. Every letter has to be filed in alphabetical order.’

‘I’m not afraid of hard work,’ she said, ‘but I think you’re asking for the impossible.’

‘Not at all,’ he answered. ‘With a bit of magic and a lot of organisation, we can do it.’

‘Right, I’m willing to try, if you want me to do it.’ She said.

‘Thank you,’ he said. ‘You’re a good girl.’

‘Not sure Pete would agree with that, but when do you want me to start?’


‘Would it be ok if I discuss it with Pete before I answer?’

‘Thought you might say that. Close your eyes.’ He clapped his hands. ‘You can open your eyes now.’

‘Pete,’ she squealed. He stood there, all six foot four, his dark hair looking as usual, like it had never been combed.

‘Hi my sweet.’ He smiled down at her. ‘I’ve taken leave from work, so I’m here to help you.’

‘That’s wonderful,’ she said. ‘Father Christmas, yes I can start right away.’

‘Glad you’re here to help Pete,’ said Father Christmas. ‘Are you any good at toymaking?’

‘Yes, I used to make toys for my brothers and sisters. I was the eldest of five of us.’

‘Even better,’ said Father Christmas. ‘You can join my elves in the workshop.’

Merrilee had a giggling fit. ‘I can just see you in green leggings and a pointed hat.’

‘Watch it my sweet, elf or no elf, I can still give you a good spanking.’

‘I’ve never been spanked by an elf,’ she said, quite liking the idea. Father Christmas please give him his elf outfit.’

‘I will my dear, but work first, play after.’

Merrilee pouted her bottom lip again, but both Father Christmas and Pete ignored it.

‘Here you are my dear,’ said Father Christmas, placing a pile of letters on her desk. The pile was so high; it fell over, spilling letters all over the desk and onto the floor. ‘Please get started on these right away. They’ve been coming in since March. Luckily, Mother Christmas got through a few thousand sacks before she walked out. I’ll be back in a minute Pete, just got something to check.’

Merrilee sat down and opened the first letter. She read it aloud to Pete. ‘Dear Santa, I’m David, I’m six and I want a train set please. Lots of love David xxx.’

‘Awww! Isn’t it sweet, the faith these children have in Father Christmas,’ she said.

‘Huh! Yes,’ he answered. ‘Really sweet, I don’t think.’

She opened another half dozen letters. Apart from different names and what they wanted for Christmas, they were pretty much the same.

‘Father Christmas,’ she said when he returned. ‘Wouldn’t it save time if I only answered letters asking a question?’

‘I never thought of that, clever girl,’ he said. ‘You’re right it will save time, thank you. Right, come on Pete, let’s go see what the elves are up to.’

Merrilee started two separate piles. One for letters that didn’t need a reply and the other for letters that did.

‘Take a break Merrilee,’ said Father Christmas two hours later. ‘Try one of these mince pies, they’re delicious.’

After making a pig of herself, having devoured three pies, she returned to her work.

She got into a rhythm. When the pile not needing a reply got so high it kept falling over, she’d file them. Then she’d tackle the much smaller pile.

‘How does this sound Father Christmas?’ she called. ‘Thanks for your letter, it is receiving attention. Love Santa Claus xxx.’

‘Yes, that’s good, photocopy it and use it for all the letters needing replies.’

‘Yessir,’ she said, saluting Father Christmas.

‘Oh and Merrilee, I forgot to tell you.’

She looked up at him. ‘Yes Father Christmas?’

‘Before you file the letters, put the names in the book.’

‘What book?’ she asked.

‘Sorry my dear, there are two books – one is pink for little girls and the other blue for boys, he said. ‘You write each child’s name in the book and also, what they have asked for,’ he paused for a moment, deep in thought. ‘Oh, yes and please write the names in alphabetical order.’

‘Ok, where are these books?’ she asked.

‘I’ll get them for you.’

He handed her the books. She looked through the first few pages.

‘Another suggestion Father Christmas.’

‘Go on,’ he said.

‘Wouldn’t it be easier if they were Index Books, you know with pages for each letter of the alphabet?’

‘Merrilee, you’re such a clever girl,’ ‘I’ll send one of the elves to the Stationery Shop right away.’

Pippin the elf brought the books back and Merrilee got busy immediately.

She stopped what she had been doing and went back to find the letters she had filed earlier.

Later in the day, Father Christmas passing her desk, stopped to look over her shoulder, he said, ‘You’re doing really well my dear, I think I must double your wages.’

‘Thanks Father Christmas,’ she said, beaming.

Will the children all over the world receive their presents on time?

To be continued in Part Five ……

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