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The story so far ……

Merrilee has been given the position of secretary to Father Christmas.

Her husband Pete has taken time off work so that he can help his wife and Father Christmas to get the toys out to the boys and girls all over the world. This was even though Pete did not believe in Father Christmas because when he was five years old and wrote to Father Christmas asking for a fire engine, he never received it.

Now Merrilee has worked out a workable filing system and Father Christmas is pleased with her.

Now read on ……

Christmas Eve was very busy. There were last minute presents to be wrapped, lists to be checked and Father Christmas tuned in to Radio North Pole – to hear the weather forecast.

‘Father Christmas, have you got your books of children’s names?’ Merrilee asked, fussing round him.

‘Errrr,’ he looked in the glove compartment of the sleigh. ‘Yes, here they are. I’d be lost without them. Thank you my dear.’

Later, she found Father Christmas down in the Reindeer Stable, checking that the Reindeer were fed and watered, ready for their night of deliveries.

‘Dasher, Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Donner, Blitzen, Cupid,’ he called out. ‘Are you all ready?’

As he called each name, the reindeer would shout, ‘Here Father Christmas.’

‘Rudolph, is Rudolph here?’

‘He went down to the battery shop, he needed a new battery for his nose,’ said Dancer helpfully.

‘Good, good,’ said Father Christmas absentmindedly.

As it became dark, it was all hustle and bustle. Father Christmas loaded his sleigh.

Eventually, all was ready.

‘Thanks for your help Merrilee and Pete,’ he shouted. ‘I couldn’t have managed without you two. I’ll be back in the morning. Night night.’
And he set off – delivering toys to the girls and boys all over the world.

Then, with sleigh bells ringing – he was gone.

Merrilee and Pete were alone together, for the first time for two weeks.

‘Well, my sweet, what shall we do with ourselves?’

‘Who are you?’ she asked. ‘Do I know you?’

‘Maybe this will remind you.’ Dragging her over to the couch, he sat down on it, pulling her over his knee.

Baring her bottom, he looked down at the delicacy spread out before him. Raising his right arm, he brought his large hand down on her right cheek – quickly followed by a spank to her left cheek. ‘Have you still got amnesia my sweet?’

She wriggled over his knee, struggling to break free. ‘Let me go you lousy rotten swine.’

‘Ah, you’ve missed me,’ he laughed, beating a rapid tattoo on her upturned bottom.

She could feel her nipples stiffening, her pussy flooding and her clit starting to throb. ‘Nah, still no idea who you are,’ she said.

‘In that case you won’t remember how being spanked turns you on big time, so I might as well stop.’

‘Don’t you dare,’ she hissed.

He laughed, and using his magic vibrating finger, he brought her to a noisy, shuddering climax.

Once she had come down from cloud nine, she dropped to her knees between his legs and deftly unzipping his green elf trousers and releasing his rampant cock, she stuffed it into her mouth and sucked her lollipop.

To be continued in Part Six ……

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