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Loyal Employees

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Studio: Red Stripes
The beautiful Lady Annabel insists on her cup of Earl Gray to start her morning off properly, and if she isn't satisfied, it's her maids that suffer. On this particular morning, her tea is tepid, and this puts Lady Annabel in a very bad mood. The unfortunate maid whose name is Emily serves the tea, so she's the one who has to be punished. Lady Annabel makes her pretty maid lay face down on the bed, where she receives a very long and hard spanking. At first she is allowed to keep her frilly knickers on, but very soon they are taken down, and the spanking continues on her bare bottom until it is bright red, and poor Emily is sobbing. When at last she is allowed to get up, Lady Annabel tells her to send Cloe, who is her other maid in to see her. Cloe has been with Lady Annabel for quite a while, and knows full well her mistress's methods...

Stars: Emily, Chloe, Lady Annabel

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