Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Love, Honor & Obey

Studio: Shadow Lane

Approximate Running Time: 42.55 minutes

John is trying desperately to work out what the various amounts of money showing on his credit card statement are for.

Calling his wife, he asks her for an explanation. Lydia’s excuses are rather evasive – therefore John comes to the conclusion that she has something to hide.

her poor bottom is very sore

And as they have been there, done that before, he starts questioning her when she is lying over his knee – bottom side up.

She tries to coax him round to her way of thinking – how she needs to have psychic readings on a daily basis – or how else could she know what decisions to make in her life.

Unfortunately, John is not at all convinced and proceeds to give her a very long hard hand spanking on her soft, vulnerable bottom. It’s a joy to see how quickly, her creamy white cheeks go through several shades of pink, becoming red, redder and reddest.

Does she enjoy being spanked?

All through the spanking, Lydia is very vocal and has a bad case of motor mouth, keeping up a constant barrage of cheeky brattiness.

Eventually, he gets her to promise to cancel her subscription to the psychic website. And peace is restored and his finances are on a more even keel.

Now a month has passed and Lydia’s sore bottom has healed – she’s in trouble again. This time she just has to have a massage on her back, due to a car crash five years earlier.

Is he getting through to her?

Once again, John is not too impressed, because according to the doctors at the time of the crash, some physio would help heal her spinal problem, as it was very mild. So, not surprisingly, she is placed over his knee for some brat therapy.

Yet, a month later, she is back over his knee. She just doesn’t seem to learn how painful a spanking is. John accuses her of enjoying being spanked – come on – as if.

Is the third spanking - one spanking too many?

For all you spanking enthusiasts – this movie should satisfy your urges. Enjoy.

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