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Locked – Justine

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Mr. Lewis is in the storeroom looking for a snack. Suddenly, redheaded Justine approaches and quickly closes the door and locks him inside. She runs away grinning while Mr. Lewis bangs on the door and yells for help. Thirty minutes later, Headmaster Tom finally hears him and comes to see what the ruckus is about. Mr. Lewis tells the Headmaster that Justine took the key. They both find it most embarrassing. Headmaster Tom grabs a knife and tries to open the lock. He finally succeeds and they both go in search of Justine.

When they find her Justine is placed across the Headmaster’s lap for a firm and hard hand spanking. It is clear Justine has learned nothing from her last punishment. She is also caned with a thin and thick cane as she is bent over, her hands against the wall.

Stars: Justine, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Lewis

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