Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time





Eleanor Powell

Liza was looking for a new dress to wear at her cousin Doreen’s twenty-first birthday party.

In Angelina’s Boutique, she found two dresses that she thought would look good on her, but which one should she choose?

A helpful assistant seeing Liza dithering came over.

‘Can I help you Madam?’

‘Oh thanks,’ I can’t make up my mind which dress I like best.’

‘Why don’t you try them both on Madam? The changing room is this way.’ She ushered Liza into a large communal changing room.

‘I’m sorry Madam, but all the individual cubicles are in use,’ she explained. ‘But as you can see, at the moment there is no one else here.’

‘Thank you,’ said Liza.

Stepping out of the dress she was wearing, she took the red dress off its hanger and slipped it over her head.

Looking at the reflection of this pretty girl, staring back at her in the full-length mirror, she could hardly believe it was herself. Her long shiny black hair cascaded over her shoulders.

She twirled one way, and then the other, noticing the way the dress fell neatly over her slender hips, while her ‘DD’ sized boobs were showing a deep shadowy cleavage.

‘I’d better try on the other dress,’ she said aloud.
‘Sweetheart, that dress is so right for you.’ She hadn’t noticed that she was no longer alone.

She jumped. ‘I-I’m sorry,’ she stammered, ‘You gave me such a fright.’

She took in the appearance of the other occupant of the changing room. A tall girl, probably about six foot, not fat, but she had solid muscle.
She looked a bit out of place in Angelina’s Boutique, as she was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a bomber jacket that was open, revealing a sloppy t-shirt under it. On her large feet, she was wearing a pair of trainers. Her auburn hair was cut very short, while, her green eyes, were shaded by the longest and thickest eyelashes Liza had ever seen. She was blatantly looking Liza up and down, admiringly.

‘No it’s me that should be apologising. I’m always being told to stop creeping up on people.’

‘Ok, don’t worry,’ said Liza. ‘So you really think this red dress looks all right, do you?’

‘Yes love, red suits you’

She stood behind Liza. Touching her gently on her shoulder – receiving no resistance, she moved her finger, tracing her jaw line, down to her neck, then, slowly she trailed her finger down Liza’s cleavage. By now, Liza felt her pussy juicing up. She was afraid to move in case the stranger stopped what she was doing.

Hesitantly, the stranger carried on. The fingers of her left hand found their way into Liza’s bra. She cupped the firm, large breast in her big hand, softly squeezing and kneading the fleshy breast. Pulling it out of its bra altogether, she fondled the pert nipples that had hardened and were sticking out like organ stops. Getting no objection from Liza she pulled out her right breast, manipulating that nipple until it too was standing to attention.

Liza was feeling so turned on. She had never felt this way before. Her head was thrown back, her deep blue eyes were closed and she was thrusting her tits forward, to make it as easy as possible for the other girl to get to her.

The stranger was now kissing the back of her neck. With her big strong hands, she turned Liza round so they were facing each other.

Bending her head, she placed her mouth over Liza’s right tit, taking the stiffened nipple into her mouth. Gently she sucked on it, pulling on it, until it became elongated. Moving her mouth across to the left nipple, she sucked on it until it matched the right one.

She then let her hand wander down Liza’s flat belly, her fingers reached Liza’s Mound of Venus, and her big hand covered it.

Liza gasped. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew the crutch of her knickers was getting soaked with her juices.

‘Shall I carry on?’ the stranger said in her ear.

Does Liza want the stranger to carry on?

To be continued ……

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