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Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Liza is in Angelina’s Boutique choosing a dress that would be suitable for her cousin’s twenty-first birthday party.

In the changing room she had tried on a dress and was doing a twirl when she became aware of another girl – who complimented her on the dress.

Liza found herself responding when this other girl’s hands started wandering over her body, sending her nerve endings into a tiz woz. When the other girl asked her if she wanted her to stop. What did she answer?
Now read on ……

‘Please don’t stop,’ Liza whispered.

Gently pushing Liza against the wall, the stranger went down on her knees. She slid her hands up Liza’s hips, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her knickers; she rolled them down until they were at her ankles.

‘Come on Sweetheart step out of them.’ She nudged Liza’s legs apart, revealing the thick thatch of black hair and with her probing finger she found her engorged and throbbing clit and began to stroke it gently.

She replaced her finger with her tongue and began sucking on the wet swollen and squishy clit.

Liza had a buzzing in her ears. She felt her whole pussy tingling and oh, how she wanted this feeling to carry on forever.

‘My God, you’re so wet,’ said the stranger, going back to sucking Liza’s clit.

Liza was finding it difficult to stay upright and she began to sag.

Noticing this, the stranger withdrew her finger from Liza’s steaming slit and said, ‘Lie down Sweetheart.’ She helped her to lie on the carpeted floor of the changing room Taking off her jacket, she rolled it up and placed it under Liza’s head as a pillow.

Then kneeling beside Liza, she cupped her face between her hands and put her mouth over Liza’s, her tongue exploring her mouth, Liza could taste herself on the strangers tongue.

Taking her tongue out of Liza’s mouth – she left a wet trail behind her as she moved her tongue down her body, causing Liza to gasp and wriggle, as her whole body seemed to come alive and tingled.

‘Are you enjoying this Sweetheart?’ the stranger asked.

‘Yes, oh yes,’

‘Great, so am I.’ She again gave her full attention to Liza’s throbbing pussy.

Putting her finger into the wet interior she again began to rub the pulsating clit, gently at first, speeding up, as Liza’s muscles started squeezing on her finger.

‘I-I’m going to come,’ Liza said.

The stranger while still strumming on Liza’s clit had put a finger into Liza’s pleasure hole, moving it in and out.

‘Cum for me Sweetheart,’ said the stranger.

What will happen next?

To be continued ……

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