Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Liza is getting closer and closer to cumming and the stranger is encouraging her to do so.

Now read on ……

The buzzing in Liza’s ears became louder, and the tingling in her pussy spread to other parts of her body. Her orgasm came in waves, ebbing and flowing. She was pushing down on the finger, squeezing it with her strong vaginal muscles.

Meanwhile, the stranger went back to using her tongue, licking up and down Liza’s inner thighs.

At last, Liza came, moaning softly, her whole body shuddering.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ the shop assistant had come into the changing room, unnoticed by both Liza and the stranger.

Liza jumped to her feet, trying to smooth down the crumpled red dress in order to hide her bare bottom.

The stranger, who was still fully dressed, snatched up her jacket, mumbled an apology and left the changing room.

‘Right, young lady, you have some explaining to do, haven’t you?’

Liza hung her head.

‘I suggest,’ said the shop assistant, ‘that you agree that you have been a naughty girl and must be punished.’

‘Punished, what do you mean?’
‘I’m going to give you a spanking,’ the shop assistant, fetched a straight-backed chair, that was next to the open door and placed it in the middle of the room.

‘Y-You can’t do that to me,’ Liza backed away.

‘Okay, in that case, I’ll take you to see the manager. Look at the state that dress is in, we can’t sell it now.’

‘I’m sorry, please don’t tell the manager.’

‘Well it’s either a spanking or the manager. Which is it to be?

‘The-the spanking.’

‘Then a spanking it shall be. I’ll just lock the door so we won’t be disturbed.’

Then sitting down on the chair, she pulled up her skirt and beckoned Liza over to her side.

‘Over my knee young lady.’

Liza lowered her body over the other woman’s naked thighs. Immediately the red dress was raised, clear of her bare backside. ‘You have such a lovely bottom,’ said the shop assistant, rubbing her hands over the quivering cheeks – spread out before her.

Lifting her right hand, she brought it down on Liza’s right cheek, this, was quickly followed by her hand descending on her left cheek.

‘Yeowww!’ shrieked Liza, wriggling about, trying to escape the stinging hand.

Despite Liza’s writhing and squirming about over her knee, the shop assistant’s hard hand kept making contact with her ever-reddening bottom.

She only stopped spanking Liza when she had covered the whole of her bottom, turning it as red as the crushed dress she was wearing.

Liza lay limply over her assailant’s knee – all the fight had gone out of her. The salty tears were running into the corners of her mouth.

Then the hand that had been spanking her so hard such short a time ago was now, gently caressing her red-hot stinging cheeks.

The shop assistant’s fingers were exploring Liza’s innermost slit, stroking her clit momentarily, then continuing their exploration. Parting her bottom cheeks, she ran her finger up and down the crack, stopping to circle around her bottom hole. Then back down into Liza’s pussy.
She went back to stroking the engorged clit with her right hand, making it throb even more. Putting her left index finger into Liza’s love passage she finger fucked the young girl, causing her to buck over her knee.

For the second time, Liza felt the waves of her orgasm overcoming her again as she climaxed – shuddering and shaking over the older woman’s knee. She went limp once it was all over.

Helping Liza to her feet, the shop assistant stood up. She removed her own knickers and sitting down again, she pulled her own skirt up and ordered Liza to kiss her pussy. ‘If you refuse,’ she said, ‘I can still take you to see the manager.’

What will Liza do?

To be continued ……

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