Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



The story so far ……

After giving Liza a hard spanking, the shop assistant ordered the young girl to kiss her pussy.

What will Liza do?

Now read on ……

Liza quickly got down on her knees and remembering what the stranger had done to her, she did the same to the shop assistant. Her inexperienced tongue found the other woman’s clit and she began to suck and lick it.

‘That feels so good,’ and the shop assistant put her hand on Liza’s head, forcing her to keep on eating her pussy.

Her body started to thrash about, she was coming, her juices tasted salty and Liza found herself having to swallow quickly or she may have choked on them.

After a few moments, the shop assistant stood up, adjusting her dress.

She suggested Liza also made herself presentable.

Liza took off the red dress and put on the dress she’d been wearing when she first came into the shop.

‘I’ll wrap the dress for you,’ said the shop assistant, folding the dress neatly and putting it into a plastic carrier bag, she handed it to Liza.
‘How much is it?’ Liza reached into her handbag for her purse.

The shop assistant smiled, ‘You have more than paid for it, I hope you enjoy wearing it.’

‘Thank you,’ Liza murmured. ‘Bye bye.

Thank you Madam for shopping at ‘Angelina’s Boutique. ‘You have made a very wise choice,’ she said. ‘I hope you will come back again soon.’

Outside, the shop, the stranger was waiting for her and asked her,

‘Did it work?’

‘Of course it did,’ she answered. ‘Mind you, that was quite a spanking she gave me, but it was worth it.’

‘Next week we’ll try another shop, ‘ said the stranger.

Linking arms with each other, they headed for home.


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