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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Video: Like Mother, Like Daughter
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Studio: Red Stripes
We first meet Mrs Hunter Ford and Miss Chambers in "its your responsibility" where Miss Chambers punished Mrs. Hunter ford in the hope that she would pass the punishment to her naughty daughter. This film begins where "its your responsibility' left off. We find Monica lounging on the sofa reading a magazine when her mother comes home. She tells Monica what happened and shows her the evidence. She then sends the naughty girl up to her room to wait for her punishment. Monica is told to lay face down on the bed with a pillow under her tummy her skirt pulled up and her knickers pulled down. She is treated to a hard bare bottom spanking, followed by a spanking with a spatula, which is the only suitable instrument her Mother can find. When Mrs. Hunter Ford thinks her daughter has had enough she send her to bed. The next morning they both report to Miss Chambers to show the teacher that Monica had been duly punished but Miss Chambers is unimpressed and decides to make an example of her wayward student. The poor girl has to suffer the punishment all over again, but much more severe. She is given an over the knee spanking, first through her knickers and then on her bare sore bottom. Next she is bent over the chair for the strap. Miss Chambers does not spare her and the girl has to take thirty six hard strokes. Mrs. Ford is forced to watch.....

Stars: Monica, Mrs. Hunter, Miss Chambers

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