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Video: Latina Ponyboy Domination
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Studio: Roman Video
A beautiful, sexy Latina Domina Honney Bunny is riding a white slave around like a PONYBOY until she is totally sexually satisfied! Honney Bunny begins by riding her ponyboy around on his back with her legs and feet hanging over her shoulder, then makes him bounce for her up and down, bringing her close to an orgasm. But she stops before cumming to ride him longer and harder! Watch her play with her pussy and tits while she is riding him around! This Latina Domina truly LOVES dominating her male ponyboys!

The contrast of her beautiful, naturally tanned skin against his pale white skin is so erotic…and watch close-ups of her rubbing her pussy while he bounces for her! Honney makes him lean up against the wall over and over again making him bounce for her, while her nipples brush across the skin on his back and her hot wet pussy slides back and forth across his skin. As her ponyboy bounces up and down on her back, she continues to rub her pussy and pinch her nipples, moaning with pleasure until she EXPLODES on his back with a final ORGASM! By the end of this video, both rider and horse become one!

Stars: Honney Bunny, Jewell Marceau, Bubba, Tall Goddess, Mikey, Slave Alan, Mistress Maiya

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