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Late On Arrival

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Studio: California Star Productions
When the new model, Heather, arrived late for a shoot, Megan, a very demanding glamor photographer, was understandably furious. To Heather, this was just another photography session. What difference did it make if they started a little late? Her cavellier attitude quickly changed when Megan threatened to report this to the agency. The incident could look bad on the young model's record. She might even lose her job. Rather than risk unemployment, Heather would be willing to submit to anything Megan requires. The poor girl is shocked when the photographer insists on a session of discipline in which the spoiled model must endure a bare bottomed spanking. Reluctantly she presents her pink posterior for punishment. But as far as Megan is concerned, one spanking just won't do. Before this session is over, Heather's throbbing bottom will be a constant reminder to her of the importance of punctuality.

Stars: Natasha, Angella Faith

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