Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Late Night Spanker

Eleanor Powell.

Studio: Hot Old Movies
Approximate Running Time: 13.53 minutes

This is a very old movie – one of the first fetish types.

He prepares her for the spanking

There is a young lady who fantasises about being spanked. Meanwhile, there is a young man, who has a similar fantasy but in reverse. He’s yearning to find a young lady who would be willing to be spanked. So this is a match made in heaven.


He gives her a long slow sensual spanking with a flogger. She tosses her head about and is obviously enjoying herself. Occasionally, he puts aside the flogger and gently caresses her sore bottom, sometimes his finger would slide into her steaming slit, making her moan softly and squirm about.

is she in agony or ecstacy?

By the end of the session, they appear to be two happy people.

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