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Lars Moebius

The Internet never forgets and Google knows no bounds.

If you perform in movies, especially erotic movies, be aware that everyone will know at some point.

The director of the Tyršova elementary school, Igor Krupka, 53, is learning this lesson the hard way.
Recently it came to the attention of a reporter at Aha! (a Czech tabloid daily) and is now making headlines.

Igor allegedly performed in 5 spanking themed movies under the name Lars Moebious for RGE Films

Mr. Krupka has denied any wrongdoing and said he is the victim of a “cyber bullying” campaign. None of the women in photo stills from the films are under the age of 18. Nor are they depicted engaging in any graphic sexual activity.

“These attacks against me are confirmation that human malice has no limits. Everything that a man does with good intentions can, even years later, can be used against him,” Krupka said in a statement dated June 9 posted on the school’s website — the same day the Czech tabloid daily Aha! posted the photo stills of him in character.

Read the full story over at Czech Position

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