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Kym Wilde Ocean View

Video: Kym Wilde Ocean View
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
From the coastal waters of Southern California, to a beach house near Malibu, Kym Wilde shares memories of love and bondage. But the fantasies have become too intense for Kym. First the games of unseal suspension, and other women. Next, and additional man, the whips, and some wax. She had to leave. Now, the memories of that pleasure have caused Kym to return and she retraces her steps. To that door of love and pain that she remembers so well. And she's back, and he's in big trouble. This time Kym decides that she'll wipe that smug look off his face once and for all! This video has everything!

Stars: Kym Wilde, Alex Jordan, Kelly O'Dell, Justin Case, Shawn Ricks

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