Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Knickers Up, Knickers Down

Studio: California Star Productions

Approximate Running Time: 20.20 minutes

As she hadn’t reported to her Probation Officer for three weeks, she was given the choice – either, accept a caning from her Probation Officer or be reported to the Magistrate, who would send her back to Borstal.

She decided to accept the caning.

The Warm Up Hand Spanking

So the Probation Officer put her over her knee for a warm up hand spanking.



She squealed. She squirmed. She kicked her legs and kept putting her hand back in an effort to protect her bottom from further pain. But, the Probation Officer had a firm hold of her and there was no escape.

After her bottom had been turned into a rosy red hue, it was time for the promised caning.

However, the Probation Officers method was very severe. It was called the knickers up, knickers down method.

The caning was very severe

First she had to lean over a table, skirt up and knickers in place. Legs apart, toes turned in, bottom up as high as it could be. Then the cane came down landing on both cheeks. She would stand up squealing and rubbing at her bottom.

Then she had to pull her knickers down as quickly as she could and get into position again. Again she jumped up, squealing and rubbing at her bottom.

Time and time again, she had to alternately pull her knickers down and up again.

The caning stopped only once the Probation Officer believed that she had learned her lesson.

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