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Kitchen Kaning & Teaching Discipline

Video: Kitchen Kaning & Teaching Discipline
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Studio: California Star Productions
Our first story is about a girl that tries to get out of doing the dishes by dressing up in a skimpy outfit so her man focuses on her instead of the house work that needs to be done. But he's been waiting to give her a good spanking for a while and now is the perfect time. A hard hand spanking, a leather belt, a few implements are used on her beautiful round bottom. Kaddy is placed in many different positions and takes a great spanking from Nik. Now it's time to get the cane out! Kaddy will definitely get her work done around the house next time!
Our second story is about a bratty student named Sandy. Sandy just got her last tutor fired but her new tutor, Soma, teaches her the discipline she needs. The good old fashioned way! Soma starts with a good strong over the knee hand spanking and follows up with a leather strap. Then sandy takes a good hard thrashing with a wood paddle. Soma knows the only way to teach Sandy discipline is through the painful strokes of her trusty cane.

Stars: Sandy, Soma, Nik, Kaddy

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