Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Keith’s Girl Friday

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Samantha Woodley

Approximate Running Time: 53.55 minutes

Keith takes Samantha into his confidence – he needs to lose some weight – and he’d like her to go shopping for him. He gives her a list of the kind of food he should be eating. She assures him that she understands and will go to the shops immediately. He gives her some money, but she tells him she needs more – so he ends up giving her $300.

She comes back loaded with parcels. He’s had nothing to eat for several hours, so he’s looking forward to starting on his new eating regime.

Spanking bent over a chair

But as she brings out one packet at a time – he’s beginning to despair – it is either loaded with fat, salt or sugar. When she brings out the final item – she has hit the jackpot. It’s a piece of turkey and he can eat it without killing himself.

He asks her for his change and she hands him $3. He’s horrified to think he has paid $297 for a load of unsuitable food. However, she corrects him; the food only cost a few dollars. So where’s the rest of the money gone – she spent it on herself because he doesn’t pay her enough.

That’s the final straw – he determines to show her what can happen when he’s an angry, hungry man.

Sore spanked bottom

She finds herself bent over a chair, with him hand spanking her. Her bottom changes from creamy white to pink and to red. A change of position and she is lying over his knee and despite her squirming about and protesting, he carries on spanking her relentlessly.

Then comes the second story in the series. Keith has been relying on his Girl Friday to make sure that a very important contract is typed up ready for work to begin the following day.

Apprehensive about this spanking

He thought that she was busy with the job, as she had been typing for a solid six hours. How wrong he was, she’d been chatting online to her latest boyfriend.

She again finds herself bottom side up – her nose only inches from the carpet. His hand again changes the colour of her bottom to a deep cherry red.

She is told that the job must be finished before morning, as he’s going to arrange for the various workmen to start the work first thing in the morning.

But his right hand girl further hinders his progress by not completing the work she was supposed to do.

Her third OTK spanking

He is livid – when next morning the workmen arrive ready to start work, but thanks to Samantha’s help a lot of things were not in place – so he had to pay the men and tell them to go home again.

Now for the third time, Samantha is on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking. He also uses an assortment of implements – finally giving her six hard whacks with the cane.

He explains to her that her job is essential to the smooth running of his business.

At the end of the third spanking, her bottom is indeed very sore and the scene closes with him hugging her.

The question is – did Samantha deliberately set out to get spanked?

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