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It’s Your Responsibility

Video: It's Your Responsibility
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Studio: Red Stripes
Mrs. Hunter-Ford has received a letter from her daughter's school, informing her that her little darling is going to be expelled. Full of righteous indignation, she goes to see Miss Spencer, the headmistress, to have it out with her. Miss Spencer, however, quickly puts her in her place, and blames her lax attitude for her daughter's behavior. Miss Spencer tells her that it isn't the girl who needs punishment, but her mother.

The wind is taken right out of Mrs. Hunter-Ford's sails because she knows that Miss Spencer is right. Miss Spencer suggests that Mrs. Hunter-Ford should take the punishment and pass it onto her daughter. Very soon, Mrs. Hunter-Ford finds herself lying across the beautiful teacher's lap, her elegant skirt pulled right up...

Stars: Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Hunter-Ford

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