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It’s Not Your Fault

Video: It's Not Your Fault
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Studio: HydroMadam Productions
Alli is back from her 'Punishment in Paris' but still can't understand why her mother is so strict with her. She sits on the floor, her beautiful face & big brown eyes looking at us as she listens to her Nanny Strix explain how her mother's strait-laced lifestyle goes back to the wild ways of her grandmother who was a "Flapper" in the 1920's.

Good Old Fashion OTK Discipline... is what the pretty Flapper get - a good hard bare assed hand spanking. Nanny's hand is hurting from giving a OTK bare assed spanking so she decides to use a WOODEN PADDLE on the Flapper's red hurting ass. But punishment doesn't end there...

It's time for an old fashioned enema but administered in a very interesting position Over the Lap, feet over head. When Nanny steps out, the naughty Flapper who likes enemas more than she admits gives it to herself.

Stars: Alli, Nanny Strix

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