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Video: It's Not My Fault
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Studio: Red Stripes
A pretty young teacher and her favourite student are fed-up, and decide to go to a rave. They get very drunk and are arrested. A male teacher is just settling down for a quiet evening, when he receives a phone call from the local police station to come and bail out the two girls. This he does, and when he gets them back to the school, he tells them that he is going to deal with them both next morning.

The young ladies report to his study, and he informs them that he is going to punish them. He spanks the teacher for leading a student into bad ways, then spanks the schoolgirl for allowing herself to be lead into bad ways. He is about to begin administering the strap to both bare, sore bottoms, when a couple of other girls report for punishment. He tells them he will deal with them later, but allows them to stay and watch him strap the two naughty girls.

They are bent over a vaulting horse together, with their skirts up, and their knickers down. They both receive a sound strapping, which is both painful and embarrassing, particularly for the teacher. The climax is when each girl is told to bend over and touch her toes for the cane. This they do, amidst much protests and pleas, and when they try to avoid their punishment, they are awarded extra strokes.

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