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Irene Boss Meets Mistress Wynter

Video: Irene Boss Meets Mistress Wynter
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
It’s a cold day for this particular slave. He’s going to experience Boss and a ‘Wyntery’ wrath and it won’ stop until both of these ladies are finished their fun… and he’ll have a ways to go until that occurs. Watch what happens when Wynter travels all the way from Wonderland NYC to play with the Boss! The Ladies share a tasty male toy in the clinic bound in a custom rubber hood with locking collar who endures experiments with sounds and electro play. This treatment is not enough. Moving into the Victorian room the recalcitrant slave is cross-dressed and bound face down on a lush bed with arm binders, leather corset, and rubber straps for heavy corporal from both Ladies in sexy business attire. In the industrial chamber the slave is bound on a CBT devise in near suspension with a nipple stretching tower, inflatable butt plug and electric cbt devices.

Stars: Domina Irene Boss, Mistress Wynter

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