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Intense Fetish #1012 – Stasha’s First Time

Video: Intense Fetish #1012 - Stasha's First Time
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Studio: Masterlen Productions
Master Len's Intense Fetish Videos! Real Amateurs! Intense Action! Stasha is a beautiful Amazon girl. She is big, strong, and very tough. Master Len pulls out all the stops. Stasha is spanked with huge leather strap as a taste of what is to come. She is canned so hard she pulls herself up by her legs. While hanging by her ankles she is caned and whipped until she is crying and screaming. Her stubborn streak takes her to the ultimate limit.

This is the first time Stasha has been on video anywhere. She is one of the toughest girls we have ever shot. You will love watching her give it all up to prove her dedication to her lifestyle. As a bonus there is a very interesting interview where she explains her reasons for doing this.

Stars: Stasha, Master Len

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