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Insane Enemas Part 2

Video: Insane Enemas Part 2
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Kimberly, naked, pees in the toilet. Great flow and close-ups.
In the jacuzzi, Renee fondles Kimberly with toy dolphin which is a perfect dildo size. She shoves it in Kimberly's mouth, and then presents her own ass to Kimberly, asking her to butt fuck her with a finger and with the tip of the dolphin.
Renee, sitting at the edge of the jacuzzi, pees into a cup that Kimberly holds.
Renee ties up Kimberly to the jacuzzi. Kimberly is made to lie on her side on the edge of the tub, and Renee ties up her hands to the rail. With an enema bulb, Renee starts tormenting Kimberly by poking her nipple, nostril, ear, and navel. Then she gives her an enema using the bulb.
Renee pours a lavish amount of baby oil all over Kimberly, then feeds her some grapes - and sticks a grape up her butt! She now proceeds to give her an intense enema using an 18" colonic tube that gets inserted deep up her butt - in its entirety. The tube is connected to a flow indicator that shows the water going in, and it's attached to a large jug. While the tube is still completely up Kimberly's butt, Renee double-penetrates her rear entrance with a large nozzle. Now water gets expelled from Kimberly's ass at the same time that more water penetrates her deep inside through the colonic tube: a continuous flow!
Exhausted from her long, intense hazing, Kimberly lounges in bed with Renee. Both are naked. Kimberly is delighted to hear that the hazing is over and that she got into the sorority of her dreams. Later, while Renee is in the bathroom, Kimberly excitedly phones a friend to tell her the good news. To her astonishment and chagrin, her friend explains to her that Renee is no longer in the sorority because she had gotten expelled for indecent behavior - so the whole hazing process was a sham!
When Renee returns, Kimberly confronts her, pounces on her, wrestles her on the bed, and tells her she'll make her pay for all she put her through. Then she proceeds to spank and paddle her at length.
Renee needs to pee. Kimberly continues her punishment by making her pee into bucket, on the bed.
Kimberly's continues her revenge on Renee by giving her an enema, like she had been given one. She makes use of a large green nozzle, flow indicator, and a large jug. Afterwards, she makes Renee expel into bucket, in clear view. While Renee expels, she also pees at the same time - two flows at once!
Kimberly discovers a sybian in Renee's closet. As a finishing touch on her revenge, Kimberly makes Renee ride it, while at the same time she spanks and paddles her a bit. Finally, feeling adequately revenged, Kimberly kisses Renee, and the two decide to start their own sorority!

Stars: Kimberly, Renee

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