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Indecent Exposure

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Studio: Red Stripes
Two pretty schoolgirls have become very self conscious about the size of their bottoms. Zoe hears her friend Jackie arrive home and takes the Mickey out of her by playing Queens record Fat Bottom girl. Jackie doesn't see the joke and precedes to give her friend a good spanking. Mr. Gordon, the headmaster walks in whilst this is going on. He questions the girls and discovers they have been taking very strong slimming pills. Mr. Gordon realizes the dangers of taking these pills and tells the girls to report him in his study, determined to stop them putting their health at risk. Both girls receive a good spanking followed by the paddle and the strap. To emphasize his displeasure, he makes the girls sit on a straight backed chair back to front, their skirts up and their knickers removed, with their bottoms hanging over the edge. The girls find this position very embarrassing but worse is to come. Each girl is subjected to a further spanking whilst standing up with their hands on their heads.

Stars: Jackie, Zoe, Mr. Gordon

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