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Called Home - Like her sister Juliet before her, Mandie is called home by her mother/manager when her on set behavior is wreaking havoc with her once burgeoning career in Hollywood. Once Veronica informed her that the accoutrements of her life as a star were now gone, like her sports car and servants, and that she now would take up residence with her mother. When, like her older sister, she resisted this plan, Veronica took her daughter over her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking. Mandie's mother and manager spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red, and she promised to do the things necessary to have a successful acting career and be cooperative. After her spanking, the tearful starlet was placed in the corner with her bottom on display.

Time To Relax - Mandie had to be on time today as she had a major commercial to shoot for a Japanese firm. Instead of getting ready for this well paying job and await the arrival of her agent, Audrey, she decided to take a bath and sip wine. When Audrey stumbled upon this, at first she was panicked but decided to chill with her client and drink a little wine. When Mandie's mother stumbled upon this scene, she was furious. She sent Audrey downstairs and pulled her starlet daughter out of the tub and into the bedroom for a strapping. After Veronica finished strapping her now tearful daughter, she gave the little starlet ten minutes to be ready for her shoot. Now she must deal with her agent Audrey...

The Agent - Once Veronica had finished disciplining her daughter, she turned her attention to Mandie's agent. Audrey is a high powered agent. but she dared not confront Veronica, whose power in showbiz circles is immeasurable. To her surprise, the agent was taken over Veronica's lap and spanked on her skirt, panties, and then much to her horror, her bare bottom. As Veronica's powerful hand descended time and time again, Audrey begged for forgiveness and promised to be a better agent and influence for her daughter.

The B-Movie - Veronica had secured Mandie the lead role in a low budget Sci-fi film so long as the production company could use her property to shoot. Mandie started to act up onset, realizing she was not shooting a film that would rival 'Citizen Kane.' Soon, Veronica grabbed her petulant daughter and dragged her down to the house. Her career has been proving much more difficult to salvage than her sister Juliet's had been a few years earlier. Veronica took the belt from her pants and, tossed her bratty client and offspring over the couch for an intense lesson in discipline. As the very large strap decended on her bottom over and over, Mandie pleaded for her punishment to stop. Once done, Veronica sent her teary eyed daughter back to the set with no time to get herself together. Her mother told her to use this newfound fervor for the movie.

The Forbidden Party - Mandie tried to sneak into the house just after sunup only to find her mother waiting for her. She had been forbidden to party until her career issues had been addressed. Not only was Veronica upset with her little starlet for staying out all night, but she had found that Mandie had hung up some expensive dresses on wire hangers. To Mandie's horror, she was taken over her mother's lap and spanked with the wire a hanger over the tops of her thighs and lower bottom. Once that offence was addressed, there was the matter of this forbidden party. Mandie was spanked with a leather paddle over the seat of her panties and bare bottom. Soon, through the tears, Mandie promised to do as she was told. As her spanking progressed with the leather paddle, through her tears, Mandie promised to do as her mother/agent instructed. Veronica expressed doubt that she could save her little starlet's career as her sister Juliet got the message.

Stars: Mandie, Veronica Bound, Audrey Light

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