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Video: Hidden Camera
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Studio: RGE-Films
You can be always sure to find something new and original among the films made by Rigid East Production. This time, we are offering not a feature movie, but a fly-on-the-wall-style document. Its subject is quite clearly indicated by the title. It is an opportunity to discover that the spanking industry can as easily make use of different genres, in this case of a documentary film.

Our reporter comes to a family in which the use of physical punishment is regarded as a regular educational instrument. The girl's father - strongly believing that whacking is necessary in order to prepare his pubescent daughter for her future life - has offered us to record the raw reality of one of his punishments. In addition, the reporter shall be speaking to other family members, too. And that includes the daughter who is just about to receive some merciless lashing and her mother who is to actively assist her husband.

At the beginning, the father explains why he uses physical punishment in the first place. He is ready to share his opinion on devices used for this purpose and even talks about his daughter's nakedness, a necessary integral element of such educational activities.

A hidden camera records the painful punishment itself. Please, do not forget that this is no movie but a harsh reality. All those lashes you can see are as hard - or possibly even harder - as any spanking you have seen in films. Not even the parents can stay calm, the whole situation being so extremely personal. Beating is getting faster and faster, harder and harder. The girl, raving in pain, is crying real tears coming from her heart, full of sorrow and humiliation. She has to be held by her mother; otherwise she would surly try to escape.

What is she going to tell us about her feelings? And how about her mother - convinced just like her husband that beating is the best educational instrument? All these questions and answers offer an opportunity to peep into the intimate privacy of people for whom such situations represent an integral part of their everyday life.

Hidden Camera, film no. 9 from the production of Rigid East Co., has also another dimension. It gives us an opportunity to look into private affairs of an average family, where an almost grown-up girl is subjected to physical punishment and forced to suffer completely naked. Do not forget that even though we may dream about such situations from time to time, it is a harsh reality for many families with adolescent daughters. Such confrontation between our imagination and the reality can help to crystallize our own opinion. It is entirely up to us which dimension we choose. Whether we decide to think about the film, about its content and circumstances, and possibly make a conclusion, or whether we simply sit back and enjoy it.

That is why Hidden Camera represents a real opportunity for everyone.

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