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Marco is strapped to the red kneeler. Mistress Christina sits and gives him a birds eye view of Her high heels. She rakes the heels on his back and then stands to start hitting him and does not stop. She uses the leather strap, the waffle spanker and the quirt to hit him over and over again. Standing 6 feet tall, this Amazon gets warm and removes Her top so Her big natural breasts can bob around while She hits him. The spankings continue as the tall blonde gives him a break from the punishment to sample one of Her big natural breasts. She allows him to worship and nurse telling him he will have to pay for the privilege. She resumes working on his ass with Her stinging quirt and then gives him more breast to taste as his ass cools off. She removes Her leather skirt and approaches him with strap-on ready between Her long nylon covered legs. Entering him, She stretches him out, leaning in so he can feel the rubber balls and know it is in to the hilt.

His ass is perfectly positioned for some fucking and She drives the monster rubber cock in and out. He is close to orgasm so She slows down and picks up the quirt. She whips his shoulders as She fucks him, distracting him from the orgasm his tormented prostate needs. Next scene he is bound standing. She whips him a bit from behind then moves to take advantage of his cock. She gets it stiff with Her mouth, sucking and nibbling as he tries to stay on his feet. She inserts the ball gag into his mouth. Marco’s pierced cock is stiff as a board from Mistress Christina’s talented mouth sucking and nibbling. She puts a condom on him and turns to take advantage of a stiff dick in Her wet hole. She backs into his cock and fucks him. Her tight hole makes him want to orgasm so She slows to tease him a bit before pleasing Herself to several pussy clutching explosions. She pulls off his cock and masturbates him for a bit, giving him a chance to finish. He is so thrashed from Her session he almost falls over trying but too bad. She leaves satisfied as he stands with stiff cock.

Stars: Slave Marco, Mistress Christina Skye

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