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Heidee Spanks Autumn & Washes Out Her Dirty Mouth

Video: Heidee Spanks Autumn & Washes Out Her Dirty Mouth
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
Heidee Nytes receives a disturbing call about her stepdaughter! It seems her stepdaughter, Autumn Bodell, told the principal to go fuck himself! This will not do in Heidee’s household! Heidee confronts Autumn, and Autumn readily confesses in a bratty tone, leaving Heidee no choice but to give her stepdaughter a good, hard, otk spanking! Autumn goes over Heidee’s knee as Heidee gives her a firm hand spanking! Autumn screams for mercy as Heidee reddens her tight, firm ass cheeks! Heidee, knowing that the lesson isn’t sinking in, switches to a bath brush to really hammer the lesson home! After a good, long spanking, Heidee gives Autumn some corner time to let her think about what she’s done, as well as the punishment yet to come! After a few minutes of cornertime, Heidee realizes that Autumn’s dirty mouth needs to be cleaned with soap! Heidee sits Autumn in the bathtub, and makes Autumn bite down on a bar of 99.44% pure soap! Autumn squirms with discomfort at the awful taste of the soap for several minutes until Heidee decides the lesson is learned.

Stars: Autumn Bodell, Heidee Nytes

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